Sunday, April 22, 2012

Siblings will be siblings

We've had a fun weekend with all four of our kiddos.  We picked up Gabby on Friday and she spent the weekend with us.  She and I got some to spend some QT together today as I took her shopping with me to find an outfit for Derby.  She picked out a really cute belt to go with my outfit and finish it off.  She does have an eye for fashion and there's nothing like a child's honesty to let you know if you really look as cute in something as you think you might.  As I was trying on some pants, she did ask me why she could see all the veins in my legs.  Good thing I'm going to the Florida this weekend.  I guess I need a little tan :-). 

Ava loves Gabby and when she's here with us.  It's so sweet.  Kylie does too.  Although there is quite an age gap, the younger ones love having their big sister around.  I look forward to watching them grow and hopefully become best friends! 

We also started making plans for our 10 year wedding anniversary.  We told Gabby that since she wasn't able to be a part of our first wedding, we will do it again and all the kids can be a part of it.  Gabby has already started to think of bridesmaids dress colors :)  It will be fun to do that with them!

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