Monday, August 20, 2012


Today was Ava's 3rd day (PreK) & Kylie's 2nd day (PreK 3) at HRCS. Ava begged me to let them out in the drop off line because she really wanted to walk Kylie to her class. I convinced her to let me walk them to the main gate where I could watch them walk to class. As Ava took Kylie's hand to walk off the class, Kylie looked up at Ava and said "this is the best day ever!!!". Ava then held tightly onto Kylie and walked her to the door of her class (they have never in the past held onto each other for that long). When they got to the door of Kylie's class, Ava made sure that Ms Liz saw Kylie and then walked across the courtyard to her own class like a big girl, waving goodbye to me. It was the cutest big sister-little sister moment. So precious!!!

Tonight Ava asked my when Daddy was going in another trip so she could sleep with me. She asked why mommies have to sleep with their husbands...and said that husbands poor a lot! LOL! She also told me that the reason she doesn't like to sleep on Moe's side is because he pooted last night.

Kylie had her first dance class tonight and loved it! She kept saying "I love my dance class!" :-)

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