Monday, August 20, 2012


Today was Ava's 3rd day (PreK) & Kylie's 2nd day (PreK 3) at HRCS. Ava begged me to let them out in the drop off line because she really wanted to walk Kylie to her class. I convinced her to let me walk them to the main gate where I could watch them walk to class. As Ava took Kylie's hand to walk off the class, Kylie looked up at Ava and said "this is the best day ever!!!". Ava then held tightly onto Kylie and walked her to the door of her class (they have never in the past held onto each other for that long). When they got to the door of Kylie's class, Ava made sure that Ms Liz saw Kylie and then walked across the courtyard to her own class like a big girl, waving goodbye to me. It was the cutest big sister-little sister moment. So precious!!!

Tonight Ava asked my when Daddy was going in another trip so she could sleep with me. She asked why mommies have to sleep with their husbands...and said that husbands poor a lot! LOL! She also told me that the reason she doesn't like to sleep on Moe's side is because he pooted last night.

Kylie had her first dance class tonight and loved it! She kept saying "I love my dance class!" :-)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Siblings will be siblings

We've had a fun weekend with all four of our kiddos.  We picked up Gabby on Friday and she spent the weekend with us.  She and I got some to spend some QT together today as I took her shopping with me to find an outfit for Derby.  She picked out a really cute belt to go with my outfit and finish it off.  She does have an eye for fashion and there's nothing like a child's honesty to let you know if you really look as cute in something as you think you might.  As I was trying on some pants, she did ask me why she could see all the veins in my legs.  Good thing I'm going to the Florida this weekend.  I guess I need a little tan :-). 

Ava loves Gabby and when she's here with us.  It's so sweet.  Kylie does too.  Although there is quite an age gap, the younger ones love having their big sister around.  I look forward to watching them grow and hopefully become best friends! 

We also started making plans for our 10 year wedding anniversary.  We told Gabby that since she wasn't able to be a part of our first wedding, we will do it again and all the kids can be a part of it.  Gabby has already started to think of bridesmaids dress colors :)  It will be fun to do that with them!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"What the...!?!?!"

A few weeks ago, Ava started saying "What the...!?!?" a lot!  So today, Kylie, my baby of few words started saying it today..over and over again.  She and Ava are truly examples of "monkey see, monkey do.."  Even though I hate referring to black people, especially children, as monkeys. 
Ava had her first teeball game tonight.  She has missed pretty much all of the practices so was pretty confused about the entire poor baby.  I was so very, very proud of her though, because she stayed on the field the entire time...crying at times...but stayed out there. I took her for her first McDonald's hot fudge Sunday after that.  She really liked it! :)  After we got home from her game, Uncle Chris was at our house (they LOOVE their Uncle Chris!)  Somehow we started talking about Mom's and Ava reminded Chris (as if he didn't know) that his Mommy is in Heaven.  Then she told him, "You're going to see her in Heaven....tonight...Jesus is coming to get you."  LOL...Chris didn't like that too much.  He told me if he dies in his sleep tonight that I better take her to see Oprah.  That girl is funny!

Aaron's scooting has advanced quite a bit over just the past two days.  Since he won't stay on his belly, he is really not interested in crawling but tonight we found out just how far he can scoot.  I was in the bathroom with Ava and Kylie getting them ready to take their baths and helping them to potty first.  We had been in there a few minutes and Aaron was in their bedroom about 7 feet from the bathroom door.  My mother's instinct started to kick in (because he was so quiet in there and I remembered how much more quickly he was beginning to scoot) and I asked Ava to go check on Aaron.  As Ava looked out of the bathroom door to check on him, Ava said, "Mommy, he's trying to get into the bathroom!!"  He was sitting right at the bathroom door looking at us like, "Why did ya'll leave me in that room by myself?"  :-)  Ava was a scooter too, then she went to a one knee crawl like sweet pea from Popeye :)

Today was a good day :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

First Teeball game...almost

Today was a pretty busy day although the only thing on the agenda was Ava's first Teeball game. She loooves to run and Moe and I think she's pretty fast. But the catching, throwing and batting part...she can take or leave all that! The game ended up being rained out but we'll see how Wednesday's game goes. When we got home, Moe told the girls he is leaving town tomorrow for a few days. Ava said "where are you going?". And Moe said "I have to go work,". Ava said, "I said WHERE are you going?". LOL! She is growing up so fast :(

So evidently it's love bug season down here. I took the kids to the grocery store with me which, at their current ages, is always interesting. Even at the grocery store, these love bugs were EVERYWHERE!! In the parking lot flying around, in the grocery cart, in the grocery was nuts! And poor Ava after her attack from that wasp yesterday is really over all these bugs. After a lot of whining, we finally made it out of the store in one piece.

Aaron has officially mastered the scoot! He isn't crawling but he has the amazing scoot that can get him from point A to point B pretty quickly! And I swear he tried to say ball today. He loves balls already!

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Lately I have been traveling a lot with the kids by myself. It is challenging at times because we have to make sure we eat, change diapers and Kylie is still potty training. Last week as we were headed to KY, Kylie heard the pilot say Kentucky and she said "Tucky...mommy Tucky". She also says "I love Tucky" and "Thank you much" instead of " Thank you very much"

Some random things happened today though. Kylie Hit Ava in the head with Thomas the train and got in big trouble for that. In the car, I was trying to explain to Ava that Kylie doesn't mean to hurt her. Ava said. I love Kylie very much but I just don't like when she hits me.". So sad...

Aaron was trying to touch everyone and/or give high fives all the way down the aisle as we boarded the plane :)

When we got home from the airport, Ava had been playing on the swingset less than a minute when a wasp went in her shirt and stung her twice on the chest and once on her hand. I was stung while I was pregnant with her and still remember how painful that was. I felt so bad for her!! But she was a Little champ. She was finished crying within 3 mins and playing with Kylie within 10 :) Later on after falling outside and then running into the corner of some furniture in the family room she came and sat next to me on the couch and said "I don't think I can take much more of this." Bless her heart!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Twinkle Toes

Kylie & Ava got their first pairs of Twinkle Toes shoes a few months ago but evidently their a little bright for Kylie. Early one morning, it was still dark and I was going to put them on her and they started to "twinkle" all the colors in the dark. Kylie quickly covered her yes with the back of her hand as if she was being flashed with the brightest light she had ever seen and let out a "Oooooh" to go along with it. Girls can be quite dramatic.

Been Forever

For the sake of my kids, I'm going to do better with this. With the addition of Aaron (Clarence Aaron Moore, III) in combination with our move to Louisiana, our days are extremely hectic! Ava goes to school Tue-Thurs while currently Kylie and Aaron are home with the babysitter while I work from home. Kylie is extremely strong-willed. She eats when she wants to and refuses to start learning to use the potty...ughhh! Ava is smart and very sensitive. Aaron is laid back, loves to be talked to and loves watching his big sisters run around him being loud and wild.

FCOTD (Funny Comment(s) Of The Day): Kylie was sitting in my lap as I was combing out her hair after washing it tonight and pooted. She turned around and gasped like she was really suprised and then looked at my with a very concerned look on her face and said "You poopy?" LOL...she looked like she was really worried about me.

Another funny thing that happened was as I was sitting on the couch nursing Aaron, I saw Ava playing with her baby and then hold it up to her nipple as if she were really nursing it....I mean it was the perfect nursing cradle position :) I had to try so hard no to laugh.

Last week, we were Family of the Day at Ava's school. We did a short presentation where we shared Ava's favorite Song (Never Say Never..Justin Bieber/Jaden Smith), favorite book (Goldilicious) and her favorite snack (Strawberry & chocoloate cupcakes). We also showed her class 5 pics of her family and her friends from her old school in Kentucky which she affectionately calls "my Oak School."