Monday, April 16, 2012

First Teeball game...almost

Today was a pretty busy day although the only thing on the agenda was Ava's first Teeball game. She loooves to run and Moe and I think she's pretty fast. But the catching, throwing and batting part...she can take or leave all that! The game ended up being rained out but we'll see how Wednesday's game goes. When we got home, Moe told the girls he is leaving town tomorrow for a few days. Ava said "where are you going?". And Moe said "I have to go work,". Ava said, "I said WHERE are you going?". LOL! She is growing up so fast :(

So evidently it's love bug season down here. I took the kids to the grocery store with me which, at their current ages, is always interesting. Even at the grocery store, these love bugs were EVERYWHERE!! In the parking lot flying around, in the grocery cart, in the grocery was nuts! And poor Ava after her attack from that wasp yesterday is really over all these bugs. After a lot of whining, we finally made it out of the store in one piece.

Aaron has officially mastered the scoot! He isn't crawling but he has the amazing scoot that can get him from point A to point B pretty quickly! And I swear he tried to say ball today. He loves balls already!

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