Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"What the...!?!?!"

A few weeks ago, Ava started saying "What the...!?!?" a lot!  So today, Kylie, my baby of few words started saying it today..over and over again.  She and Ava are truly examples of "monkey see, monkey do.."  Even though I hate referring to black people, especially children, as monkeys. 
Ava had her first teeball game tonight.  She has missed pretty much all of the practices so was pretty confused about the entire poor baby.  I was so very, very proud of her though, because she stayed on the field the entire time...crying at times...but stayed out there. I took her for her first McDonald's hot fudge Sunday after that.  She really liked it! :)  After we got home from her game, Uncle Chris was at our house (they LOOVE their Uncle Chris!)  Somehow we started talking about Mom's and Ava reminded Chris (as if he didn't know) that his Mommy is in Heaven.  Then she told him, "You're going to see her in Heaven....tonight...Jesus is coming to get you."  LOL...Chris didn't like that too much.  He told me if he dies in his sleep tonight that I better take her to see Oprah.  That girl is funny!

Aaron's scooting has advanced quite a bit over just the past two days.  Since he won't stay on his belly, he is really not interested in crawling but tonight we found out just how far he can scoot.  I was in the bathroom with Ava and Kylie getting them ready to take their baths and helping them to potty first.  We had been in there a few minutes and Aaron was in their bedroom about 7 feet from the bathroom door.  My mother's instinct started to kick in (because he was so quiet in there and I remembered how much more quickly he was beginning to scoot) and I asked Ava to go check on Aaron.  As Ava looked out of the bathroom door to check on him, Ava said, "Mommy, he's trying to get into the bathroom!!"  He was sitting right at the bathroom door looking at us like, "Why did ya'll leave me in that room by myself?"  :-)  Ava was a scooter too, then she went to a one knee crawl like sweet pea from Popeye :)

Today was a good day :)

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