Friday, September 4, 2009

The rest of Crazy Fun Week at Ava's Daycare

So I'm a little behind posting pics of Ava's "Crazy Fun Week" at her daycare. Her new thing is "Come on Mommie.....Come on!!!" Which is great because she gets excited about going to see her friends Isabella, Marleigh, Jaden & Ava Parsons at school. It's a MUCH MUCH better feeling than the mornings we have the tearful good-byes or with her grabbing my leg or her teacher having to just take her from me....much, much better. OH and the cutest thing was last night, my Aunt Jeneene had received some bad news from her doctor, so Mema took Ava over to visit her while Moe and I were in our last Dave Ramsey Financial Peace class and she had a BALL visiting with my Aunt. As we were leaving, we had just finished praying for Aunt Jeneene and we were telling Ava to tell her good-bye and she gave her a kiss and said "Bye Neene...I love you...Ima miss you!" It's the first time she spontaneously told anyone she'd miss them. It's amazing how God uses tiny children to lift our spirits. It was a blessing to see.

So as far as our pics from Crazy Fun Week....Tuesday was "Pajama Day" Ava wasn't very cooperative with the pics, but we did our best...

We don't have a pic for Wednesday because it was mis-match day. You were supposed to let them pick out their own clothes, but she wasn't the least bit interested in doing that so it was a normal day for us.

Thursday was "Crazy Hair" day. I took her to school with her bed-head, afro-liscious look, but when I got there to pick her up, her teachers had given her a multi-ponytail mohawk....interesting. They don't know my baby needs a tad bit of grease to control that hair. :-)

Friday was "Favorite Sports Team" day. So of course Ava had to rep the school that pays the bills :-) She was a little Kentucky State Thorobred and she looked adorable! (ignore our un-made bed and hair supplies in the background)

I'm so thankful for my children! This weekend (assuming I don't go into labor) we'll be finishing up Kylie's room and cleaning, cleaning, cleaning period. I think I'm in serious nesting mode...this didn't happen with Ava so I dunno....

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