Monday, September 14, 2009

The Waiting Game...

I Think I'm Finally Ready and Here's Why...
So baby Kylie is due to arrive THIS Thursday! It has gone by quickly and honestly I have been in no hurry for her to arrive because I feel like I have to have absolutely EVERYTHING in order at home before she comes. Even over the weekend people would say to me, "Oh...I bet you are so ready..." and I'm thinking "No, not really".....that was until last night.

I normally take water with me to bed because I wake up soooo thirsty throughout the night, but I realized that when I do that, I end up drinking a lot of water throughout the night which makes me have to wake up almost every hour to use the bathroom. So, last night I decided not to take any water to bed with me. Well, about 3:00 am I woke up REALLY thirsty and decided to go downstairs to get something to drink. Well on my way down the steps (in the dark...I figured I know my house well enough that I didn't need any lights on), I somehow missed the last 1...or 2 steps....ooops! Down I went faster than I realized what was really happening. I caught myself with my hands and right knee...THANK YOU JESUS! But after I calmed down from the suprise of falling, I sat up and I told Kylie....OK, it's time for you to come on now! :-)

Ava Preparing for Her Little Sister...

Every few days or so as we put up something new for Kylie, Ava has to break it in. It started with her crib. Once we had it set up and moved to it's position in Kylie's room, Ava was jumping all in it and pretending to go to sleep in it.

Next was the Pack 'n Play bassinet (which she does recognize as her bed when we travel out of town). She only needed one night to break that in and once we moved it to the edge of our room, she wasn't as interested anymore. The double stroller was fine for her to break in because technically it belongs as much to her as it does Kylie.

Finally, tonight she arrived home from her day with Mema and Grandad and sees Kylie's infant seat; newly washed and set-up. She immediately tries to climb in....successfully. Then I suggest she put her baby in there....that only works for a few minutes and for the next 30+ minutes, she proceeds to make sure its all broken in for her sister :-)


  1. I love that she is 'breaking' in her stuff! Can't wait to meet Kylie!!

  2. Umm..Lynn!! What were you thinking?!??! I hope you learned your lesson!! In case you arent following...ALWAYS TURN THE LIGHTS ON...BETTER YET...BRING A WATERBOTTLE TO BED!!

    Enough you..and yes...I am ready for her to come too!!