Friday, September 18, 2009

Kylie Lynn Moore's Birth Day

This is the Labor and Delivery story of Moe's and my 2nd child together (Kylie Lynn Moore).

That Wednesday night before started off like many other nights at home for Ava, Moe and myself. Although, I had been having some sort of contractions since Monday, I assumed they were Braxton Hicks although (as my sister-in-law reminded me) that was silly because at 40 wks, they're not considered Braxton Hicks anymore...they're the real thing. But they would be close and then go away for a long time and they weren't painful at all. So Wednesday after putting Ava to bed, I was washing dishes around 8:30 when I realized I was having some contractions again. Since, I had been having them all day, I wasn't paying much attention to them yet. I was more concerned with determining how I would style my hair after I washed it so I didn't look crazy in my post-delivery'll see later how that came out...not good :-) So I went on and washed my hair realizing that I was still having contractions.

After I washed my hair, it was about 9:45 pm and I was thinking....hmmmm....I better start timing these. I started timing them for the next hour and they were never any more than 5 mins a part. Still kinda in denial that I was going into labor, I called my sister and asked her what she thought. She told me I should try to stay at home as long as possible, but to call the doctor. When he called me back he told me that 5 mins or less is pretty consistent and to see what happened in the next 1/2 hr and come in if nothing changed. Meanwhile, my husband is pretty much KNOCKED OUT during all of this and to be honest, I don't think he really thought anything was really happening. He was soooo tired after having early morning workouts with his team the entire week before and earlier that week. I had to ask him like 3 times to put my and Ava's bags in the car. Over the next 1/2 hr, not only did the contractions continue, but they started to get just a little bit painful.

At this point, it was about 11:15 pm and we called my mom so she could come get Ava and take her to her house to be with my dad. As I waited for my mom to arrive, Moe slept and I tried to make sure I had everything I needed...well the contractions started to HURT. But that didn't stop me, I knew they were going to starve me of food and drink when I got to the hospital so I made sure to eat before I went :-) My mom arrived around 11:45 pm so we were able to leave for the hospital about midnight.

About 3 minutes out on the way to the hospital, my water breaks....YES...sitting in the car. I had no idea what it was supposed to feel like, but there was no mistake due to the sheer amount...that my water had definitely broken. (Thankfully we were in my car and not in Moe's fairly new car...with cloth seats). Well, of course I knew that if your water breaks you need to go to the hospital so thankfully we were already on the way. What I did NOT know was that once your water breaks, it continues to leak, trickle...gush sometimes....whatever, but it isn't over after the initial whatever it is. Interesting...and...GROSS! Mostly because I had on sweat pants and everyoneknows that sitting in wet sweat pants is extremely uncomfortable. So still not realizing I'm going to continue to lose fluid, we pull up the the hospital and I get in a wheelchair while Moe goes to park the car and get our things. While he's parking a security guard sees me outside waiting and comes to wheel me up to Triage. As the chair starts moving, more and more fluid is coming out. So much that I begin leaving a trail in the lobby of the hospital, then onto the elevator and finally all the way in to the Triage area. Sooooo embarassing! And yes I know I'm not the first one but it was still embarassing. NO one prepared me for that!! After Moe came back from registering me, he told me "you shut down the elevator"...GREAT! He knows exactly what to say. Then as I was being wheeled to the Labor & Delivery room, there was this HUGE cleaning machine cleaning up and he said "they had to break out the big machine to clean your mess"...WOW...REALLY?!?!?

From then on my mom came and by 2:30 am I had my epidural....ahhh!!! Although, that was a little crazy because I think a Resident Anesthesiologist was doing my epidural because it took her FOREVER and there was another doctor coaching her through it. Very strange, but 3 contractions having to stay completely still later, it was done and I have barely been in any pain since then.

The only scary moment was after the nurse deermined I was 10 cm and ready to go, she told me to do a practice push (for future refernce ladies....I'd say NO if a nurse asks if you want to do that). Evidentally it pushed Kylie's head into the birth canal before the "real" pushing began and her heart rate was dropping they suspected because her head was being squeezed (this is why I have the oxygen mask on in the pics). But, Moe said a prayer and all went well. She was here 10 mins later. That's the story!!! Another wonderful Moore BLESSING; I'm thankful God is allowing us to parent another one of his awesome creations!!

See ALL the pics including Kylie meeting Big Sis!


  1. HA!!!! loved the story and was positively rollin' at your that i think of it, that was kinda disgusting because i have to assume it wasn't "water", so basically you secreted all in your car, and on the hospital floor...ewwwww ;o) i would have had to charge you extra had that occurred at "chez mungin-davis"...

    in all seriousness, congratulations on one moore blessing! luv u sister! and Ava and Kylie and Moe (MUAH)

  2. Lynnie! I LOVE all the details, I am cracking up, totally cracking up right now..ok, so here are my comments, Wake up Moe!!, I'm feeling for you right now on them cleaning up behind you, sorry, but its so funny bc I can see your face :) So happy all is well with Kylie, but I will keep in mind for future reference, no pracitce pushes!! :)