Monday, August 31, 2009

Is my name Mommie or Aunt Lynn??

After a rough weekend of having to sleep with Ava's feet in my back (she had some kinda 48 hr virus over the weekend or she was teething...hard to tell) it's good to have my Ava back to her wild self this Monday morning and sleeping in her own bed. Although, most Monday mornings, she's with Mema and Grandad, they're in NY with Allan's kids so she gets to participate fully in her "Crazy Fun Week" at her daycare. After a week with 8 out of 14 of her cousins, she sometimes now prefers to call me "Aunt Lynn" out of the blue. She knows what she's doing too especially when I try to correct her by slowly saying "MOMMIE," she smiles and says "Aunt Lynn" anyway. So this morning she hands me her sippy cup and said "I want juice Aunt Lynn" :-/ She did melt my heart on Saturday though, when she looked up at me unprompted with a very serious look on her face and said "I lul (LOVE) you Mommie" She's soooo sweet!

Well today for Crazy Fun Week was "Dress in Red" day. It may look like she's dressed a little warmly for Aug. 31st, but it was 55 degrees here this morning and I can't have a sick toddler with a newborn on the way! Speaking of the newborn, Kylie, she is so big that I feel like I can literally feel the pain of my stomach strectching sometime....but it's all worth it! I can't wait to meet her....15 days and counting....

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