Friday, August 28, 2009

My First Post

Everyday I thank God for my family -- extended and immediate. Having children has given a new meaning to feeling BLESSED! My now 20-month old daughter Ava makes me laugh EVERY DAY and when we are fortunate enough to have my step-daughter Gabby with us, it is difficult to go more than 5 minutes without a good laugh! I wanted to start this blog so that they can have a place to see all of the funny and difficult moments of their childhood. I figured this might be better for me to keep up with than journaling....we shall see :-)

This morning....I was actually in the midst of a bad dream when I hear through the baby monitor at around 5:50 am:

Ava: "Mommie.....Mommie.....Mooooommmmie," then a few seconds later..."Mommie....where are you? where are you?" and then when I walk in her room, as she does most mornings, "Hi, Mommie" and hands me her sippy cup which somehow she slept with last night (don't know how that happened b/c it was her cup from the night before last???)

She is quite the talker already. It's no suprise though having myself and Moe for parents.

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