Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Feb 2010 update

Kylie is officially in week 2 of daycare. It's hard because she hasn't reallly been sleeping at all there so when she gets home she's sooo sleepy and doesn't really spend any time with me :-( Makes it one of the hardest parts of being a working mom because this time goes by so fast and each day matters. Patti reminded me that I felt the same way about Ava, so I know it'll get better.

Yesterday at my mom's house, we were about to leave:
Ava - "Mommie, let's go...leave Kylie"
Me - "You want me to leave Kylie here?"
Ava - "Yeah, leave Kylie"

Then this morning I realized how careful I have to be about what I say and how I react to things. Thank God I don't curse! Moe had helped me bring the girls down to get ready to leave and as usual, I was running late. So I go to get Kylie's car seat carrier and realize that Moe didn't strap her in, he had just set her down in the car seat. I got frustrated and made a loud grunting noise.
Ava - "What happened Mommie?"
Me - "Oh nothing, Kylie's car seat isn't fastened and I need to fix it." then she asked me like 3 other times. "What happened to Kylie's carseat?" So I realized again this morning that I really have to watch what I say and how I say it. My girl is a very intelligent and perceptive little talker. I'm just a typical, proud Mommie!!

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